8.02 crore! Pullikkaran Staraa 9th day box office collection


8.02 crore! Pullikkaran Staraa 9th day Box office collection: The movie Pullikkaran Staraa has started with an average collection since the movie is released, the movie has generated the total figure of 1.50 crore in domestic from the first appearance. Despite having released with a weak promotional work, It has been collection an average amount from all over. Mammootty starred Pullikkaran Staraa had released in a limited number of the movie theater on the occasion of Onam, due to having more competition released the movie has released in an unfair number of the screen which effecting it’s earning the most. We are here to tell you the total box office collection of Pullikkaran Staraa.

5.02 crore! Pullikkaran Staraa 4th day/ 5th day box office collection
8.02 crore! Pullikkaran Staraa 7th day box office collection

According to the critics, the movie is not to put any good impression at box office collection, it has been earning average since the first day and getting mixed reviews from critics as well as from movie watchers. The most of the movie collection of four days has gathered from Kerala where the movie had a maximum number of shows.

 Pullikkaran Staraa 9th day box office collection

Total box office collection 9th day: According to the sources, the movie has ended up its first day of opening with the total amount of 1.50 crore in domestic. well, it could be an average collection if we focus on the fact that three other competitive movies were released on the same date. Mammootty starred Pullikkaran Staraa has managed to get a total collection of 5.02 crore in first four days of its opening.

Public demand and number of shows they both factors affect the earning of any movie, in Kochi movie has failed to get a fair number of shows so the total collection from last four days is below average(14 lakh). And in Kerela, the movie has managed to collect the total figure of 4.88 crores in first four day which is not as same as what the makers expected it to be but this could save the creation from being a flop. For more updated related to earning please don’t forget to reach our page.


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