Hit! Punjab Nahi Jaungi 7th day/ 8th day box office collection worldwide!


Punjab Nahi Jaungi 7th day 8th day box office collection worldwide: the movie is getting an amazing feedback from critic and as well as audience since the day movie set to hit the big screen. Now everybody been talking about the two best part of the movie which is dialogue delivery and the way actors executed the whole part of it until the movie moved to its climax. This Pakistan Entertainer “Punjab Nhi Jaungi” is having a big buzz among critics and viewers appreciating every part of this creating from screenplay to dialogue delivery in huge number on the first day of its opening at box office business.

Punjab Nahi Jaungi First day 2nd day box office collection worldwide!
Punjab Nahi Jaungi First day 2nd day box office collection worldwide!

Total 1st day earning of Punjab Nhi Jaungi: The first appearance of the movie is putting a great impression on box office business, this Lollywood creation has a great start on its first day of the opening which is more than just its maker’s expectations. After getting good reviews from critic only on its first appearance so it is quite obvious that the remaining day of its opening will surely bring some surprise to its maker. And also the movie received the name “best Pakistani movie of 2017” from the industry. And now the maker looking forward to getting some more buzz to this creation and build up a record of box office business

Punjab Nhi Jaungi 7th day box office collection!

We are here to talk about the box office collection of Punjab Nhi Jaungi: the movie starring Mehwish Hayat and Urwa Hocane in main lead role, the directory part of the movie was in control of Nadeem Beyg, after getting a lot of buzz around the trailer of the movie which was released two months ago on 6th July 2017 now finally the movie having a great attention from the viewers and now the expectation of the maker is getting high by days.

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Box office earning review: Punjab Nhi Jaungi is a Pakistani entertainer which is released on 1st September 2017 and getting a good amount of people appreciation in Karachi (Pakistan) where the first appearance of the movie has dropped in a maximum number of the screen.


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