Punjabi! Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood Review, Box office collection


Punjabi! Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood Review, Box office collection: The flick “Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood is an upcoming Punjabi language Bollywood action thriller which is all set to be released on 8th September 2017 over worldwide. As you all know that last two Punjabi movie Rockey Mental and Jora 10 Nmubaria has collected an enormous amount of appreciation and massive collection in domestic and as well as from overseas market.

Rupinder Gandhi 2 review, box office collection
Rupinder Gandhi 2 box office collection

So it could be helpful at some point because these two Punjabi movies has made a good Encompass in the mind of viewers so I think movie watcher is now more likely to watch Punjabi movie instead of treating them as an option which may fade away as the day passes. The teaser of the movie has already released for the viewers in last week of August 2017 and now finally the movie is about to hit the screen on 8th September

Punjabi! Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood Review

Movie review: Rupinder Gandhi 2 starring Dev Kharoud, Saanvi Dhiman, Jagjeet Sandhu, Kajal Behi, Lucky Dhaliwal in respective roles. The directory part of the movie was in control of Avatar Singh. And the movie is jointly produced by Ravneet Kaur Chahal, Diljit Singh Bola, and Rajesh Kumar. The movie is scheduled to be release on 8th September under the banner of Dreamreality Movies. If the movie will be considered as a hit then it will be three in a row victory for Punjabi movie. The director of the movie Avatar Singh who wasn’t  feeling proud with his first creation is now coming up with this creation which is expected to get a massive buzz in the upcoming day of its opening.

Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood Box office collection

Story plot: the story of the movie is based on the life of Rupinder Gandhi who is always treated as a Gangster in society but actually he a social worker who only work for the welfare of the society. But he doesn’t care about what people have created an image of him in self-mind, he keeps on doing good work for society. The storyline of Rupinder Gandhi 2 has to hold lots of social things which may give you motivation for not taking any unnecessary step in your life. So one day you will be treated like who you are not what you left behind in your past

Directed by: Ravneet Kaur Chahal, Diljit Singh Bola, and Rajesh Kumar

Produced by: Avatar Singh

Casting:  Dev Kharoud, Saanvi Dhiman, Jagjeet Sandhu, Kajal Behi and Lucky Dhaliwal

Language: Punjabi

Rate: 3/5

Release date: 8 September 2017


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