PV Sindhu at World Championships! Killing the game!


 PV Sindhu at World Championships! Killing the game: Only at the age of 17, she represented India in 2013 World Championship which was held in China. She has won a bronze medal in that Championship while other performer tried to get a single medal for Indian, after getting bronze in Badminton and the way she performed for India. People’s expectation about her future games getting more and wider and they started believing in her that she can do better in upcoming Championship.

PV Sindhu at World Championships! Killing the game!
PV Sindhu at World Championships! Killing the game!

She stands upon all of the expectations in previous years after made her name turned big in China she won another two medal in Copenhagen and made her country proud by getting all of the major awards.in the year 2015, she became the first performer who earned two medals at Grand Prix Gold Event and still people expecting more from her

In Rio Olympic 2016 she was just a step closer to get is a gold medal but she ended up trying her best and came out with a silver medal but it was also a great achievement for her. She was the only women who won a silver medal for India at a very young age.

She has lots of great experience which might be grateful for her upcoming championship

Pusarala Venkata Sindhu’s achievement and performances at big stages:

  • At the very starting of her career, she won her first Bronze model at China world championship
  • She was the only women player who won a silver medal in Rio Olympic and that was the only silver that India has in the Olympic
  • She has performed more than six times in Grand Prix Gold Championship
  • Many other national achievements
  • She has awarded by Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna at the age of 22 years
  • She is the most eligible women athlete of India
  • She jumped off from the world rank of 20 to 6 in only 3 years
  • In starting of 2017 she won the award of Syed Modi International Championship and jumped few more rank above

So no we going to talk about the upcoming Championship in which she is taking part

In 2017, the world championship is going to be held at Glasgow, Scotland  on 21 August, according to her last three championships her performance became the highlight to other players, so now the county expecting more from her, they saying that she definitely go for a gold medal for sure

After Sania Nehwal now she is the second sports women athlete that everybody knows she can handle and give the best in every kind of situation for the pride of the country.

After all of that great performance, she will definitely stand upon all of the expectation in 2017 World Championship which is going to be held at Glasgow, Scotland on 21 August 2017


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