Ribbon: movie review & rating | box office collection | story plot


The movie Ribbon is an upcoming Indian drama thriller film which is scheduled to be released on 3 November 2017 in domestic and as well as in overseas market too.  The movie is expected to get a warm welcome from the young crowd of the domestic as the storyline of the film contains something that every youngster will deal with once in their life when things come to marriage.

Ribbon: movie review & rating | box office collection | story plot
Ribbon: movie review & rating | box office collection | story plot

Ribbon movie review: The movie Rukh staring an ensemble star cast includes Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas and Hitesh Malhan in the prominent roles. The movie is helmed by Rakhee Sandilya on her self-penned script. the principal photography of the film has begun to start in October 2016 and now the whole creation is ready to set every possible screen on fire under the banner of Red Cart Film on this Friday.

Ribbon movie review & rating

Movie review: the film will surely get a warm response as soon as it releases. Even though the week is full of heavy competition it will surely be appreciated by almost every moviegoer. Well, there is a lot of elements -or you could call them emotions- in the storyline of the film which makes it worth watching thriller but let’s be focused on the concept of marriage which movie revolves the most. Married couple or even unmarried couple has many of dream that they want to fulfil, mostly together but things get real unfamiliar but lucky when they about to become parents. And that is the real concept of the film’s storyline, well its look like a piece of cake when talk but let’s just pay some attention to the guidelines of the film.

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Story plot: the storyline of the film revolves around the life of two married couple Karan and Sahana who have been together for two years. But when they are about to become parents they have to make some choice which might or might not be a good sign for their preplanned future. The story of the film tells us about the life of the parents is not that easy, even full of sacrifices but in the end, they have to find a way to keep themselves holding on each other no matter what situation will take them to.



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