Saudi Arabia: A Man Sold an “Indian-Women” and cheated her!


Saudi Arabia: A Man Sold an “Indian-Women” and cheated her: Well, Today’s news is coming out from the Saudi Arabia where something very brutal happened. The city police of  Kulashekar has arrested a man for allegedly cheating women. He promised her that he will get her a nurse’s job in Doha, Qatar instead of that he sold her as a slave Saudi Arabia. You all are going to terrified for sure after hearing this whole news you can read everything about this whole incident below.

Saudi Arabia: A Man Sold a "Indian-Women" and cheated her!

As per the reports, The man who sold the woman his name is James D’Mello (35)  was arrested by the city police in Kulashekar. Police said that James D’Mello  was instrumental behind sending Jacintha Mendonca (46),He send her from a a resident of Mudarangady in Udupi, Karnataka, to Saudi Arabia. Also, the sources are saying that the victim was in shock and afraid that’s why she was silent.

The whole story is that the James D’Mello   had promised Jacintha Mendonca that a job as a house nurse in Qatar, but instead of that he sold her as a slave to a man in Saudi Arabia last year, the police said.

 Accused Sold an “Indian-Women” and cheated her!

James D’Mello had reportedly sent Jacintha Mendonca to Mumbai, from where she was sent to Saudi Arabia by another agent, Shaba Khan, who had allegedly taken Rs 5 lakh from her employer in Saudi Arabia. Khan had also reportedly paid Rs 25,000 to D’Mello.

The ministry of external affairs said that they are trying to bring back Jacintha Mendonca, who is still stranded in Saudi Arabia where she is working as a slave, is back to the country and the Policar Estill looking for the second accussed Khan. This is very disappointing news coming out from the country where the rules are very strict. Overall, i don’t know how to express this feeling and she was trapped for more than 1 year.



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