Secret superstar 18th day box office collection, 17 days Worldwide collection


Secret superstar 18th day box office collection, 18 days Worldwide collection: The movie secret superstar has been receiving an average response since the very first day of its opening. The movie has started its opening day with the good number of positive reviews and ended up hopefully with an expected collection of Rs. 6.20 crore in domestic.

Secret superstar 1st / 2nd day box office collection, Worldwide collection
Secret superstar 1st / 2nd day box office collection, Worldwide collection

Box office earning: Although the movie has Amir Khan in prop up role that the viewers were not expecting he will be, still it looks like the opening day buzz didn’t get affected by this. The main focus of storyline is on the girl name India Malik, a Muslim girl who aspires to be a singer, the story of the movie revolve around the dream of India and what kind of situation she will be facing in order to make her dream true.

Secret Superstar 18th day box office collection-

According to trade anelastic report, the movie was expected to get a predicted amount of Rs. 4 crores in its first opening day and now the first-day earning report seems in the favor of the makers. The movie was released in over more than 3000 screens worldwide out of which 456 are overseas screens and rest of them are domestic screens.

Secret superstar 18th day box office collection: the movie has collected a good amount of 6.20 crore from its first day of opening at the box office collection business. But we think this isn’t gonna work if you aspire to become the biggest opener of this week. First-day collection report sounds microscopic if we would take a look on the successful opening of “Dangal”.

Secret superstar 17 days box office collection-

2nd-day prediction: as per the first-day report, the movie will have a stable business until its Second day will arrive. There are many of the reasons which indicating that there are so many chances of receiving a great collection in upcoming days of opening


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