SEE! How to link Sarahah to your Snapchat account?


SEE! How to link Sarahah to your Snapchat account: The most trending app Sarahah is getting more popular day by day among social media users. And people seem eager to find out that how it works, so they can message anonymously to their friends on their Sarahah account. It seems amazing Nah? Ya of course it is!

SEE! How to link Sarahah to your Snapchat account?

So basically, you all need to know the process to link your Sarahah to your Snapchat account. And believe me it is a lot easier than you think, only a few steps require to follow, ya that’s all it’d take to link between you Sarahah and Snapchat account. So without writing any further stuff, i am going to tell you how it’s done.

How to Link Sarahah to your Snapchat Account-

1-Download the Sarahah app: download a trending app nowadays in your phone is the easiest thing ever, but I promised you to tell you every single click or step that required. you can easily find Sarahah app on google play store, open up your play store type Sarahah in the search bar and click on the install option.

2-Make an account: when you will get done all of the things I told you to do in the first step, you will find yourself in the second step, so now you have to do is make an account, first of all, fill up everything it asks for, I mean your real name, your password, and further more details then click on the “Register” button. Also, you can put up a profile picture only if you want to. And at last you will finally get your personal Sarahah URL, that will be something like [yourname]

3- Open up your snapchat: you all know how to take a snap of whatever you want to share about so there isn’t a special thing left to tell you, so when you get it done then there will be some options that will appear on the right side of your image, but you have to click on paperclip icon

4- Time to write down you Sarahah URL: when you click on the paperclip icon then your “my clipboard” will open and there will be a search bar on the top of your screen, that is where to have to type your Sarahah URL, and click search

5- Attach to snap button will appear: so after when you will place your URL, the “Attach to Snap” option will appear on the lower side of the screen, press it.

So your Sarahah account is now get linked with snapchat, select your friends and share your snap by click on send button. Now you all know that SEE! How to link Sarahah to your Snapchat account? If you have any query do let us know in comment section.


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