Sekharam Gari Abbayi 3rd day box office collection


Sekharam Gari Abbayi box office collection: The movie Sekharam Gari Abbayi has failed to create an expected buzz on its first day of opening at the box office collection. The movie has collected a poor amount of Rs. 1.02 crore from its opening day and now the makers of the movie are hoping for the best to come.

Sekharam Gari Abbayi 3rd day box office collection
Sekharam Gari Abbayi 3rd day box office collection

Box office earning: Akashata directorial venture “Sekharam Gari Abbayi” has started trading slow at the box office business. well, as you all know the week is full of big releases so possibly there is no way that you can win with fewer efforts. Plus, there are some other factors which play an important role to keep your run stable at box office business, such as good promotion work, good screenplay, star cast you featuring and how many of big screens you have for performance. All of these factors seem against to the movie and its look like the makers of Sekharam Gari Abbayi cant save it from a flop adventure.

Sekharam Gari Abbayi box office collection-

The movie “Sekharam Gari Abbayi” is an Indian Telugu Drama Comedy flick, being released on 20th October 2017, worldwide. The movie starring Suman, Akshata, Vinnu Maddipati, Sana in prominent roles. the movie is jointly produced by Madhu Fomra, Somasekharrao Maddipati and helmed by Akashata

 Sekharam Gari Abbay 3rd day/ weekend box office collection:  

The movie Sekharam Gari Abbay has started its opening day with tons of mixed reviews from critics and ended up hopelessly with a small amount of Rs. 80 Lakh, domestic. The movie Sekharam Gari Abbay witnessed a slow start at overseas box office collection. well, there is a lot of good content movie ruling the week so have a great start for an ineffective content movie is out of the course.


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