Telugu! Jaya Janaki Nayaka 1st day Box Office Collection


Telugu! Jaya Janaki Nayaka 1st day Box Office Collection: The another Telugu movie is been releasing on this weekend, Jaya Janki Nayaka is a romantic action thriller which will be seen at big screen on 11 August 2017, the movie will be released in domestic and overseas with an average amount of movie theaters  and the makers are planning on to release the premiere in other different languages, the directory part of the movie is handled by Devi Shri Prashad, the movie featuring Bellamkonda and Rakkul Preet Singh as lead role along with Jagapati Babu, Vani Vishwanath and Sithara as supporting actors.

Telugu! Jaya Janaki Nayaka 1st day Box Office Collection

Jaya Janaki Nayaka 1st day Box Office Collection-

The movie still not getting some good talk and appreciation after the first day of its opening, the viewer has already put this movie story on bad encompass since the day they saw the teaser of the movie which was released a month ago. The maker of the movie is supposed to expect more to hit the box office business, the same old story but with more complication in the movie will surely drag down the good expectations of the maker related to its first-day opening earning over the box office business.

The premier of the movie is going to release on Friday 11 August but its seems like there are only a few of the viewers who are excited to watch, plus the movie will be seen at limited numbers of big screen so there is only a little possibilities of announcing a big hit over box collection, according to assumption and the excitement towards its premiere the movie could only get an amount of 2 or 3 crores which is not that much to hit box office business as the makers were excepted it would be.

Directed by: Devi Shri Prashad

Produced by: Miriyala Ravinder Reddy

Casting: Bellamkonda Srinivas(lead role), Rakul Preet Singh(lead role), Jagapathi Babu, Vani Vishwanath, Sithara

Cinematography by: Rishi Panjabi

Music by: Devisri Prashad

Rate: 3/5

Release date: 11 August 2017

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