The Beautiful and Damned! G-Eazy: Released 4 new songs!!!


The Beautiful and Damned! G-Eazy: Released 4 new songs: Famous American rapper and record producer from Oakland, California “G-Eazy” is about to release his new album “The Beautiful and Damned” by the end of this fall. As per the reports, this Rappers is in a mood of creating a lot of buzz before the releasing of the album and that’s why he released four new tracks yesterday evening. Sources are saying that people are really excited about his new album and these four songs are now increasing the excitement.

Also, some sources are saying that this is a master stroke by this American rapper for a better promotion. Well, whatever you say these four songs are fire and people really love them all. Now, if you all are looking for the details of these four songs then you are on the very right page. Some people are saying that these songs could be a part of the new album which is about to release this fall.

First song- G-Eazy: Just Friends (Audio) ft. Pham

Well, this song is about a girl and a heartbroken love. All the people who have broken hearts could relate to the song and lyrics. Even G-Eazy’s lyrics are very touchy like always and you all are going to love it.

“And when I look around I see you everywhere

I punched a hole in my wall and I just left it there

To remind me of that time I really took it there

And remind me not to start again cause nothing’s there”

2nd song- G-Eazy: Nothing Wrong

Well, this song is not about love but it is a warning for the hatters you will all love it. Also, if you are a hatter then you are going to hate it for sure.

“If she just want sniff, she just looking for a lift

And if we finish of a fifth, I don’t see nothing wrong

If I spend a few bands when I should have let it stack

I can make that s**t back so I see nothing wrong

If I smoke a whole ounce and I ain’t even leave the house

I could look at my accounts, and I don’t see nothing wrong

I’m unapologetic, you can tell by what I’m on

If you don’t like me, f*ck you, this is nothing but a song.”

Also, G-Eazy released two other songs along with them called “Get a bag” with “Jadakiss” and “Wave” with “Rex Life Raj”. These all four songs are dope and I am sure that you all are going to love it for sure. Also, the sources are saying that this whole album is going to be lit for sure.


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