Top 10 Health Tips 2017: How to be healthy!!!


Top 10 Health Tips 2017: How to be healthy: This generation is a generation of competition so if you have to keep up with other you have to be hard work to get success. During getting all this success the main thing you don’t care about is your health. Being healthy is more important than anything there is no pill food drink to give you an optimal health all that really matters is your daily routine.

But don’t worry guys we got you here are top 10 health tips for your daily routine.

  1. Jogging: Guys do you know by just doing jogging for 1km everyday u can burn up to 150 calories a day. All you have to do is to just wake up early in the morning and go for a jogging this will make your body fit and fresh. It also gives strength to your leg muscles it makes them stronger
  2. YOGA: In my opinion, there is nothing better than doing yoga every morning for becoming healthy. There are many yoga positions you can do every morning for getting healthy.

Yoga Positions:

  • Cobra Posture (Bhujang asana)
  • Bow Posture (Dhanurasana)
  • Pontoon Posture (Naukasana)
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Workout

There are many workouts you can do for getting fit and healthy in the home as well as in the gym. We recommend you to join a gym because gyms have a trainer they can really help you.

Just by doing exercise for 1hr. daily you will become fit and healthy.

Doing exercise daily also have lots of benefits it makes u more active give your body strength. It makes your body system work properly which helps to keep your body away from diseases and also make your body fit and fine.

  1. Eat healthily: Eating lots of junk and oily food is the main reason of many diseases. So we suggest you stop the fat diet and choose a healthy diet for you. Start eating fruit & vegetable, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy
  1. Stop smoking: Smoking is the reason for many lung diseases and also the main cause of cancer so we suggest you consult your doctor for medication to quitting this for good.
  1. Schedule sleep: A normal human need 8hrs of straight sleep in 24 hrs so always make sure to make a daily routine plan for you sleeping because your body is basically a machine and you all know every machine needs enough rest to work properly.
  1. Set goal: Setting goals is important in our life. Set goal in your daily routine like today you will walk 5km. Set goals for your exercise your dieting plans basically set a goal for everything you do.
  1. Stay stress-free: Up & down is all part of a life so make sure to take less stress because stress can cause weaker body due to which your body will catch diseases easily stress is also not good for your brain.

9.Stay positive: Almost stay positive no matter what you go through your life. Stay positive towards your goals you will get good results one day definitely maintain a healthy weight: If you are fat or skinny then your body is more likely to catch more diseases than others because fat peoples have more calories and cholesterol which can cause heart diseases. And skinny peoples have low immune system. So always make sure to maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Stay positive: Almost stay positive no matter what you go through your life. Stay positive towards your goals you will get good results one day definitely.

These are the most important things for your health. So, here you get 10 Tips to be healthy in daily life. Also, now you all know that “How to be healthy”. No doubt! That everybody wants to be healthy and happy. So, take care of yourself and be positive for our health.


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