Check Out! Top 5 Largest Railway networks in the World 2018!


Top 5 Largest Railway networks in the World: This blog contains some interesting facts about the top five railway network of the world. Here in this article, we are going to share good piece of information related to the top five railway network of all the time. As we all know the railway is not just a medium of transportation, it also plays a crucial role in the betterment of the country. Every country has it own Railway Line network that connects with millions of resources inside the country. If your country has the busy railway network then its obvious that you belong to a developing country. Today we are providing some specific information of the five greatest railway network in the world that will help you generate your knowledge and you can also use the information for your school projects.

Check Out! Top 5 Largest Railway Station in the World 2018!
Check Out! Top 5 Largest Railway Station in the World 2018!

Top 5 Largest Railway Station in the World-

Nowadays, Railways is the busiest way of transportation as it used by millions of people every day. As we have told you earlier that it is not just a way of transportation, the commercial, the industrial and economic growth of the country depends on Railway Network. Alongside, it is the cheapest way of transportation for the citizen of the country. Railway Network is one essential asset of the country and every citizen must know about its features and good aspect. As per information, there are five countries having the longest Railway Network. Check out right below!

  1. The United States of America:

On the top of the list, United States of America has one of the biggest railways Network in the world that spread over a distance of 224792 km. The USA Railway Network is a private network which played a crucial role in developing the economic growth of the country. You can also say it the most developed Railway Network till now as the USA has started developing the Network a long ago. Well, now the country is working on some facilities so the Railway can become faster and comfortable than now.

  1. China:

Next, on the List, China has the second Largest Network in the world that spread over a distance of 112000 km insides the boundaries. According to the information, half of the Railway Network is covered by electrified range; over 55811 km. China has a Nationalized Railway Network that has witnessed an enormous development in past two decades.

  1. Russia:

Third on the list of Top Five Railway network, Russian is one fastest developing country that totally depends on its Railway asserts. The Russia has the Nationalized Rail Network the reaches the distance of 86000 km within boundaries, out of which 50000 km has been covered by electrified range.

  1. India:

Fourth on the list of top Five Railway Network, India has the fourth widest Railway Network that extends over a distance of 65808 km, out of which 20884 km has been covered by electrified range. India has the nationalized Railway department that still in under developing process. According to the reports, India will surely introduce the citizen to the project of Bullet Train. And also the population of the country is enormous so the Railway Network must be massive. Well, the Indian Railway Network is still developing 5. Canada:

5. Canada:

Last on the list, Russia ranked fifth on the list of top five Railway Network. The country has the private Rail Network that spread a distance of 46552 km, out of which 129 km has been covered by electrified range. The Railway Network of the country is operated by CN Rail, CP Rail, and Via Rail.

This is our well-researched list of Largest Railway Networks in the World. if You have any query and question about these largest railway network then please do ask us in comment section.


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