15.40 Cr! Mohanlal! Villain 3rd day Box office collection


Mohanlal! Villain 3rd day Box office collection: If you are looking for the Mohanlal’s Malayalam movie first day, 2nd day, 3rd day box office collection then you are on very right page. Here, we are going to share the first weekend/ 2nd day/ 3rd day box office collection of Mohanlal’s Villain with all the viewers here. You can check the Villain box office collection here. Yes! You are right the box office collection of this film is very right. The first weekend’s earnings, income and collection reports are here.


Villain Box office collection-

Malayalam movie Villain has received a warm welcome in domestic on its first day of opening at the box office business. despite, being released with tons of mixed review the movie has ended up its first day with a great collection of Rs. 6 crores in the domestic market only and now the makers of the movie are the happy people.

The box office collection reports of Villain are coming out positive and surely you all are going to love them for sure. Also, the whole first weekend went awesome for the movie and the makers collected great bucks from the box office because of the positive word of mouth which is coming out for the movie. This movie is surely going to be a good deal for the makers because of the good direction and production work.

Villain box office collection-

Villain first day box office collection- 5.10 Crore

Villain 2nd day box office collection- 4.90 Crore

Villain 3rd day box office collection- 5.40 Crore

Villain total Box office collection- 15.40 Crore

So, here we shared the first weekend’s box office collection of Malayalam film Villain. This movie is going to make you all feel connected with this scene and acting of Mohanlal. We are sure that this flick is going to make you feel connected for sure.

Villain 3rd day/ first weekend Box office collection-

In the end, we already shared the first weekend of Villain’s box office. Also, we shared the 1st day, 2nd day and 3rd day collection of the movie. You all can watch this movie for sure and can talk about it for sure.r


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