#VIP2! Velayilla Patthahari 2 5th day Box office collection!


#VIP2! Velayilla Patthahari 2 5th day Box office collection: Velayilla Patthahari 2 now becomes one of the best movies from Dhanush’s collection according to the first day opening earning of the movie, the movie is released over worldwide at maximum number of movie theatres and still going for a good count of bounties from overseas, the story of the movie is based on the struggling  life of a unemployed person and how his life changes suddenly just after in another half, it looks like the viewers slightly love the story of the movie so that is why the viewers coming out to watch this movie at big screen in huge numbers, and it is good if the process of its making took an average amount of investment.

Velayilla Patthahari 2collection

Velayilla Patthahari 2 5th day Box office collection report:

The movie is getting some good reviews from the viewers from all across the world, plus the come back of Kajol in industry is also making people go for its premiere at big screen, this is not the first time that Dhanush working together with Bollywood star, he won his first IFFA award in 2014 for Raanjhana and gained a strong fan following which helping his recent release to keep the performance well at box office business.

VIP 2 or Velayilla Patthahari 2 first weekend collection:

The movie has the strong storyline that makes people attract towards its premier plus the promotion of the movie was going well with social media, well-pictured banner and many other ways. So now the viewer going to watch this movie on the big screen without being judgemental.

So as per calculation the total amount earned until this weekend is 18.5 approx

The movie has ended up its first day of opening with the amount of 5.5 crores approx, and gave a good score to box office business, well it does not look like but this is an average budget movie with a unique direction so the viewers coming out to see this movie at any cost. Even the second day and third day of its premier have brought the massive amount of 13 crores at box office collection and still performing well at box office business.



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