What do Snake Eat? Snake food! Pet Snake care!!!


What do Snake Eat? Snake food! Pet Snake care: Snakes are one of the most beautiful creatures made by God. Nowadays many people are using them as a pet.But the question arrives here how to feed your pet snake.We have created a perfect guide for you so you will know how to feed your pet snake.

What do Snake Eat? Snake food! Pet Snake care!!!
What do Snake Eat? Snake food! Pet Snake care!!!

If you want to keep your snake healthy you have to feed it the right food at the right time. In the natural habitat, their diet can vary which depend on what is available for them to eat. But if you decided to keep them as a pet keep that in mind that they are dependent on you for food and their diet will only be as varied as you allow it to be.We are going to give you a perfect guide for feeding your pet snake.

5 Important point to keep in mind about Snake Food-

1.Type of food that snakes eat

2.Where to get food

3.Live, Frozen/Thawed, Pre-killed

4.How much to feed

5.How often to feed

What to feed any Snake?

Snake are Carnivores animal just like tiger and cats so it is obvious that you need to feed them meat.

Buying food for your pet snake

There are 2 ways of buying food for your pet snake you can but food from Pet stores they have feeder animals for one dollar each or you can buy food online.Just look for the online retailer of pet food in your search engine.But always keep in mind that buying a food from a local pet shop is better but if you still choose to buy food online then make sure to buy it from a best-rated seller.

Live, Frozen/Thawed, Pre-killed

There is 3 category of food available when it comes to feeding your pet snake.We will discuss each of them separately.

Live food

Live food means feeding a living prey to your pet snake. It is one of the best ways to feed your snake just toss the live animal in front of your snake and he will to the thing.But always remember this point

Remove the prey: If your snake doesn’t eat its prey within 30 minutes make sure to remove it because some rat has been reported to eat the snakes if left it with alone.

Never leave it unattended

Never leave your snake until he eats his live prey because in case the prey has bitten the snake.


Pre-killed is one of the another method of feeding your snake well you can tell it the best way of feeding your snake all you have to do just kill they prey on small animals like rat pin its neck at the base of the skull using a spoon or something similar. Then lift sharply up on its back legs. This will break the animal’s neck. If your snake doesn’t eat it make sure to wrap it up and freeze it so that you can use it later.


Put the animal like Rat in a warm water for 30 minutes you can use a ziplock bag to speed up the process but keep in mind never use the microwave or any other method to cook the food.After the food has thawed present it to a snake by throwing it in front of the snake.

How much to feed

It completely depends on the size of your pet snake.If you think that prey is too big for you to snake then don’t worry Their jaws and skulls are designed to separate and allow them to ingest much large food than you might expect.

How often to feed

That all depends upon the behavior of your pet snake, its routine of defecation, its size and its age. Smaller and younger snakes need food twice each week whereas larger snakes need food every week to once every few weeks. Your veterinarian can give you important advice based on your snake’s species and individual requirements.

We have tried to give the answer to your question through this article but if you have any other question related to your pet snake feel free to ask in the comment section.


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