WhatsApp: Paytm is planning to Launch Messaging service by the end of this month!!!!


WhatsApp: Paytm is planning to Launch Messaging service by the end of this month: Paytm which is currently the fastest growing digital payment service with 225 million users in India is going to take over WhatsApp by launching its own messaging app. The router and the wall of journals have reported that paytm is soon going to launch his own messaging app to take over WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook. This messaging app by pay will allow its user to send audio video and text messaging for free all across the world.

Whatsapp is also planning to spread its business toward digital payment sector. Whatsapp currently has 200 million Indian users and today everyone is using it as a default messaging app. That’s why paytm has come up with this idea of making its own messaging app.

Softbank and Alibaba backed paytm is currently the most used digital payment service in India with over 225 million users. It also has its official app available in play store “paytm”.

Paytm started growing in India especially after the 500 1000  note ban in India which is done by the prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. Date of releasing this app is not released yet but surely they are soon going to launch their messaging app to give hard competition to WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Now, this news is not confirmed but sources are saying that Paytm is all set to release its own Chat messenger app which will be a big step. Also, as you all know that right now everybody is using Whatsapp or Hike messengers. So, we don’t think that it is going to be any how easy for the Paytm to fight and stick together in this competition. Also, the sources are saying that they are all set to launch this app by the end of this month.


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