World Breast-Feeding Week: Everything you need to know about Mother’s Milk!!!


World Breast-Feeding Week: Everything you need to know about Mother’s Milk: No Doubt! That mother’s Milk is “Sanjeevni Booti” for every child and their growth. It is very painful to imagine the world without a mother. We all know that she is the reason behind everything we do or we did, and are going to do. Also, you all can add that mother is the only god we all have been seen. Everyone knows that mother could do anything for her child and that’s true.

“Mother’s duty never ends until she dies” and who knows maybe after death she still help us in various ways. Well, how many of you know that World Breast-Feeding Week started today? Yes! If you don’t know that then you all should know that from 1 August to 7th August every year world celebrates Breast-Feeding Week. Also, you all can say that this is one of the most amazing weeks of celebration.

World Breast-Feeding Week in India-

Still, A lot of people didn’t know anything about this day and they keep living their life without even thinking about their parents. According to various studies, breastfeeding is also beneficial for the mother as it can prevent risks of various illnesses, such as diabetes, heart attack, endometrial cancer, chronic pain after a C-section delivery, among others.

Well, in India who cares about benefits? I mean India is one of the lowest among South Asian countries in breastfeeding practices and only 44% women being able to breastfeed their babies within one hour of delivery. According to the reports, this whole problem is worst care system in India. As we all know that how much struggle our females are going in our country.

How can you all say that every woman here is getting good food? Well, I know that these things are not going to change fast but we all have to grow and make them happen. All we want is enough benefits for our mothers and children’s and look in the end everyone is going to be happy!!! Breast-Feeding Week is not popular as other events, days or festival but it is here. Also, the reason of making this event is taking steps towards the care of mothers and babies.


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