WWE News: Host Jimmy Fallon slammed by Tripple H!!


WWE News: Host Jimmy Fallon slammed by Tripple H: Here is the another news related from WWE world which getting the most of the WWE lover attention. According to the sources, this could be nothing but a fake news but I don’t think it’s fake after watching the video on the internet, host Jimmy Fallon been body slammed by Trippel H while he was hosting the ‘’tonight show”. WWE fan knows it pretty well that how fast a funny conversation between WWE stars turned into a beef or an incident. So this is the another incident that has been considered as a half-truth, some say Jimmy Fallon had been replaced by someone else, some say it was just a goof, well only they know the truth.

WWE News: Host Jimmy Fallon slammed by Tripple H!!

What exactly happens in “The Tonight Show”

Jimmy Fallon is a present host of Tonight show, where all of the celebrity belongs to the entertainment world comes and get an interview with Jimmy Fallon. As an interviewer, he interviewed lots of movie stars, singers, and many more artist so he pretty well knows how to keep it good in funny ways. The show has all of it, I mean lots of conversations in a limited time of period, audience, jokes everything that must need a good show.

It was just an another night of the show Jimmy was conversating funny with Tripple making fun of his name and all, and then whats happened is now out on the internet. When Jimmy took his eyes off from Tripple H, Tripple H has found the best way to complete his move bodyslam. He took Jimmy onto his shoulder and slamed him over the table. Sources say it was fake or nothing just to increase the popularity through this incident

WWE News: Host Jimmy Fallon slammed by Tripple H!!

Well, I cant concidered it as fake if I am talking about the man called Tripple H, well what was just happened is now getting viral on the internet and I know it would never be last long but that was enough to make a show TRP high. For more upcoming information stay connected to us.




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