WWE Raw: Kane Returns and knocked out Roman Reigns!


WWE Raw: Kane Returns and knocked out Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns felt shocked when “The big red machine” surprisingly enters the game to tell him who is the boss around. Monday match went full of surprises when Roman Reigns got surprisingly beaten by Kane but this was not the best part of the match, what actually grabbed a whole lot of WWE Raw fan’s attention was the fair announcement made by “The big red machine” Kane that he is now joining the  Miz’s team.

WWE Raw: Kane Returns and knocked out Roman Reigns!
WWE Raw: Kane Returns and knocked out Roman Reigns!

The fans from all across the world has always been amazed by WWE acts and that’s what exactly happened in Monday TCL match when the big red machine cane has registered his entry in the clash between Roman Reigns vs. Bruan Strowman and beats Roman Reigns. They both were in the middle of the clash when Kane suddenly entered the match and hit Roman Reigns with some deadly moves.The video of this match is gaining popularity on the internet, in which the big red machine Kane enters the match through the mat and hits Roman Reigns with a Chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver.

Earlier, the Miz’s team has already announced “The big red machine Kane” will become the part of their team but no one was expecting this to happens. Even the general manager of WWE Raw Kurt Angle had announced that if Roman Reigns get defeated by Bruan Strowman then the team Miz will have Kane as a member and what happened in Monday match has become one surprising moment for the Shield


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